Traffic Monsoon VS PayPal

Traffic Monsoon VS PayPal

Traffic Monsoon growth causes a concern for PayPal, meet the bout of Traffic Monsoon VS PayPal. The information I provide in this article really declares if you are going to run an online business it is important to have more than one payment processor in place.

If you are new to Online Marketing I will provide an overview of Traffic Monsoon and how it is used to grow your primary business. Many Multi-Level-Marketers still use the traditional ways to market their business; by contacting their warm market meaning family and friends. Others have the courage to present their offer to a cold market meeting people in their day to day activities and finding a way to get information of them with their presentation.


Today, marketers are using blogs, social media, and buying traffic. Buying traffic is where Traffic Monsoon comes in to play. Traffic Monsoon allows a marketer purchase for pay per click ads and receives cash back in a revenue sharing program. Watch a video that gives more clarity into this subject.

Now as business owners began to see the value of gaining traffic to their offers by using Traffic Monsoon. You can imagine this 1 year old company grew very fast. Traffic Monsoon had to the capability to purchase your advertisements and payout revenue 24 times a day directly to several processors like Solid Trust Pays, Payza and yes PayPal was one the processor.

Most marketers currently use PayPal for withdrawing their commissions. Therefore, PayPal was the primary processor used in Traffic Monsoon, not because the owner Charles Scoville but due to the affiliate using what they were familiar with (PayPal).

In the last month PayPal froze the Traffic Monsoon account which prohibited Traffic Monsoon from paying out commission. PayPal explanation insists they froze account l because Traffic Monsoon has grown so fast.
I am not sure it fair punishing a company because growth. Currently, there are things happening ng in the background to rectify that problem. It is important to setup several processors to ensure that business do not come to halt in the case of PayPal freezes an account.

If you need to get your offer infront of an audience check out Traffic Monsoon ensure you set up Solid Trust Pays and or Payza.