Building Your List

Building Your List

Building your list is the most important action to having success in your business. It doesn’t matter if you are old school, new school, a traditional business owner, or mlm; the common fact everyone’s business needs an audience. Many want to gain all the knowledge before they get started and this can sometimes hinder you from ever getting started.

Don’t let the lack of experience hinder you!

Let’s go back in time, have you ever been invited to seminar? You were definitely on some ones list! Okay, you enjoyed the seminar and there was so much excitement you decided to join the opportunity. With anticipation, you can’t wait to get started! Your sponsor sits with you and recommends writing down 100 – 250 people that you know.


There may be many reasons, but hopefully he or she is a great sponsor and explains this is your warm market. Your warm market is the first people you will pitch your products/services and business opportunity to. Correct!

You sponsor goes on speaking about building a team that duplicates this process and training other to do the same. What they mostly leave out is the cold market.

How do I reach the cold market?funnel

This is the question and why more do not tackle this I am unsure. You must ALWAYS continue to Build Your List! Your list is the most important thing to your business! Funneling prospect through a system where they will give you their information. This allows you to build your leads making the cold market a warm market.

Power Lead System (PLS) is a great way to do this. It doesn’t matter what business you are working I can show you how to have your team duplicate this process like clockwork.  This how you build a massive team in any business opportunity.

For some people they are saying, my business opportunity already provides a marketing tool. That may be “True” and your leads or prospects are in their system.

I want you to keep in mind; you are in business for yourself!

Here is why it is a bad idea to leave leads/prospects inside their system.

  • # 1 reason is you may decide to leave the company for whatever reason.

  • The business opportunity may go out of business.

Regardless of the situation if you are in business for yourself, you should manage your own list and not let the business opportunity maintain the list you have built. Treat your business like a traditional business.

Beyond business opportunity, I can show you how to take the Power Lead System to build leads for your traditional business as well.

Take the next step and try the system out!




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