Bitcoin Prices Creeping Higher

It is exciting times for holders (HODL) of Bitcoin!  For those who are unsure what HODL means in cryptocurrency.  It is basically slang 

for “Hold On for Dear Life” during bearish market. Long-term HOLDers, refuse to listen to FUD “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt” in cryptocurrency market.

Since the beginning of the year we experienced a bearish market which caused many people to sell off their Bitcoin as the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) sought ways to regulate the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, in the request to make Bitcoin an ETF (exchange-traded fund) was denied which may adversely affected the market. Why are prices increasing?


However, there has been a rally in the market as Bitcoin price has move over the $8000.00 mark. Which tends to have great news behind the movement. In a Forbes article several sources from SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) are certain that the bitcoin ETF will get approved.

Earlier in the year CBOE introduced Bitcoin in the futures market which means that large asset manager desired to take advantage of the funds being created from the buy and sell signals in the cryptocurrency market. Chief Executive Officer David Solomon from Goldman Sachs is looking to add more Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services to their portfolio as well.


In any market it is all about movement some people make money with swing trading “buying low and selling high”. Others make money during a sell off which is betting on how low an asset will dip. For many HODLers of Bitcoin, there is joy in seeing news regarding Bitcoin becoming an ETF again. Which means there is more belief in the asset which cause more movement in the market.

As more U.S. asset managers aim to list cryptocurrency as index fund the more movement the market will see.  The cryptocurrency market capitalization is nearing $300 billion which is attracting the large asset management companies as well.

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Making Money Work for You

Learn the best ways to allow your money to work for you, There is so much the  schools system has chosen not to tell us. It is time to learn the secrets of the wealth and began to leverage your money.  Therefore, your making money work for you.

As many may know we are in a new revolutionary time in our financial sector with bitcoin. This new economic has seen massive changes in last 12 months and the government has been trying to find ways to regulate this self sustainable ecosystem like the blockchain technology.

It is time to  understand cryptocurrency  you can also start trading in the many available markets check it out here As you may knowledge is power there much more incentive when you get paid for share with others.   You no longer have to fly blind in cryptocurrency get the tools and resources need to see the market in a glance. This system is affordable and aligns you with a team of crypto experts.

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You can also utilize the expertise of traders and leverage BTC trading package to put your money to work for you. You can compound your profits and build with a team if you like.  This strategy assist you in managing your finances,

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As crypto continues to make headlines it is imperative that we have an understanding as to what it is and how we can take advantage of it.  I provided several major game changers that provides resources that allows us to make money moves.  As well as understand these strategies and moves be able to utilizes as many time as you would like.

Lastly, you want to get in front of this movement for this can allow you to build the financial freedom you always wanted for yourself and your family with bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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Crypto Empowerment Network

Crypto Empowerment Network

As the cryptocurrencies (crypto) continue to evolve every involved individual should know there are resources that will help them in their personal strategies. For those who are new to crypto you may know that Bitcoin is the “gold standard” to the market. There are thousands of Altcoins in the market not to mention Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) that are popping up every-day.

The most popular notation is obtaining Bitcoin because supply will only reach 21 million which will drive demand up. There is a formula that many companies use to attract people that want to generate wealth. As a network of empowered cryptonians we identified the formula rounded the best ways to implement the idea as an individual and now we desire to share it with others.

There are 4 way’s Generate Wealth through Bitcoin:
1. Buy and Hold for the long-term
2. Bitcoin Mining
3. Trading (buy low – sell high)
4. Arbitrage

As I stated companies used portions of these strategies to create a reserve of Bitcoin to give daily returns on your capital or investment. In most cases they would only pay you 5 days a week when the company makes Bitcoin 7 days a week through mining, trading and arbitrage.

We share this information to empower you to take control back. Why, because you are the future of crypto currency. To have this applied knowledge and understanding join our facebook group  here → Crypto Empowerment Network.







Bitcoin the Digital Revolution

This article is the here to inform you on the latest shift in the financial sector. We are in a historical moment and by reading and taking action it can transform your life for generations to come.  The digital revolution is here and its upside is tremendous.

My name is Rodney Robinson and my passion is to inform or “help others help themselves” 

as to open their eyes to trends that will help them financially. I was personally able to identify a trend in 2008, when the banks and automotive industries failed. I saw an opportunity within Ford Motor Company, when they chose not to take the government bail-out money.

At that moment I knew I needed to invest in their company.  I made a purchase of their stock for a $1.67 and that purchase paid out well as I rode the stock up to $10.00.

Today I see another trend and I want to share with you just as I shared with friends in 2008.

At some point am sure you have heard about Bitcoin or maybe crypto-currency. In many cases the media wanted to portray the currency as a hacker’s curre

ncy or the currency of the dark web.

 Notice anytime they want to create fear, a description is painted as dark shadow. It’s funny when a criminal request a ransom of million dollars they do paint money into a dark shadow. Yet, they emphasize that the act of the criminal.


What is Bitcoin?

It is important to understand what Bitcoin truly is, so what is Bitcoin is crypto-currency. Let take a trip into time

Bitcoin was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, as a digital payment, based on mathematical proof.

This peer-to-peer payment network was built to be independent of central authority and managed personally by the users. An important fact is Bitcoin will never exceed 21 million coins.  Unlike most currencies were we can continue to the print more to paper.

 Once Bitcoin reaches it maturation it will be unable to manipulate the currency which could dilute its authenticity.

Provided that Bitcoin cannot be manipulated this is causing the pricing increase In a CNBC article it stated that Bitcoin could be heading for $6000 dollars before the end of the year.

Here is the great part this currency is still misunderstood and many still do not know what it is.  Although more and more companies are excepting the currency every day to the likes of Microsoft, Virgin, Tesla, Subway, and JcPenny just to name a few.

We are in a serious stage of change in our financial sector and those that recognize it can obtain generational wealth.

Many may remember when the internet hit a phase much similar to this one. It was believed that the internet was only a fade and it would not last.

However, we can see that some big newspaper companies, department stores and encyclopedia sales men have been replaced by the evolution of the internet. Now it’s the digital revolution and you are right in the middle of awesome time.


What is next?

The timing is right and an upgrade is coming to speed up the Bitcoin transactions. What will that mean to the Bitcoin frenzy it is like adding fuel to the fire?

For moment imagine purchasing a new Tesla by transferring the Bitcoin amounts equivalent to $125,000. 00 to the Tesla wallet and that transaction taking less than a few minute.

That is massive for the Bitcoin and crypto-currency community.

Think about Bitcoin is already moving into uncharted price territory hitting $5800.00 today. There are predictions of the price reaching from $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 per coin.

Others believe it will eventually reach 1 to 2 million dollars per coin.  Again no one really knows but we can see $10,000.00 is currently in reach.


Do not let this phase past you by!

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Bitcoin Price Moving After Massive Dropoff

So many people have been giving the gloom and doom for crypto-currency market. To be frank it feels like the big banks of the world wants to create fear to the stop the momentum of crypto-currencies. “Do not make bitcoin price prediction lest you eat your own words” .It is important to the gain knowledge of the crypto-currencies because we are in a time similar to the explosion of the internet. You now have an opportunity to be earn and learn about the future of or economic system.

To give you a view into what is in front you. About month ago bitcoin hit all time high $3000.00 for 1 bitcoin (btc) then it began to the go down many people sold off thinking it was the end of crypto-currencies and bitcoin price feel to $1800.00. Well to be honest with you, I was licking my chops and I waited for the price to find a bottom and I bought more at the lowest price.

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You can even make money without knowing anything about the crypto-currency market. I remember have 20 thousand dollars in the bank I let it stay there for over six month the interest on my money didn’t return $20 dollars. Now if I borrowed 20 thousand dollars to buy a car I would have to pay them well over 27 thousand back over the life of that loan.

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Turbo Team Build – Review

There are all kinds of matrix programs and they all have a lucrative payout. The Turbo Team Build is different this team build works for the entire team not for one person.  This means everyone wins not just the people at the top! We are looking for team players nothing less!  To see if you qualify keep reading,

Does Any of the Following Apply to You?

  • Have you tried networking marketing and never earn anything for your monthly efforts?
  • Have you experienced the disappointment of seeing only those at the top make decent money?
  • Have you struggled to discover the secret of building you very own team using only Facebook marketing?


Here is our simple idea about Turbo Team Build.

We are building a huge team to join matrix programs.

What makes our team different from the rest is that we rotate members, so everyone gets a chance to be at the top (or close to it anyway) and make good money.

But that’s not all. We will also refund anyone who loses money. Why? Because there will always be someone at the bottom of a matrix who loses out, but with us at least it won’t be financially.

AND that’s still not all because you don’t even need to worry about recruiting; we will do it all for you.

What do we ask in return?
– That you agree to follow the team rules.
– That you promise to put the team before yourself.
– That you will upgrade when it is your turn.
– That you won’t upgrade when it is not.
– That you will be a responsible member of the team and be patient.
– That you understand that breaking these rules has consequences.

Oh and if you love Turbo Team Build, which I know you will, you let other people know. But this is only if you feel comfortable doing it. We don’t force anyone to recruit.

If this sounds like something you would like to go for and you have $5 in PayPal or Bitcoin, then we would love to hear from you.


Email Me Stating: you are ready to Join at

I will send you a link you then be able to join the matrix and the team..

But remember! This is a team. If you don’t play well with others, this is not for you.


Once you earned money within this program I will work with you in building a multiple streams of income which started with only a $5 investment.





Get Referrals in USI Tech

My Paying Ads or No Paying Ads

Here we go again! My Paying Ads is more like no paying ads. It looks like Uday, has chosen to reset the My Paying Ads. What does this mean for those that had several hundreds ad packs? Sounds as though the individuals that built there online business around making money off this rev share are out in the cold.

I wonder if they are truly starting over for every member or will the admins continue to make money as all other members start over and have to buy new ad packs. Well to say the least this Rev Share has bitten the dust. I don’t think members will stick around for another reset. Especially when their are better platforms out there like The Ads Team or even FutureAdPro.

Though this has affect me it has cause damage like it has for others . We mainly use the Rev Share platform to advertise our business and get eyes on our offer.  The Rev Share is not our business. I can tell you for certain that The Ads Teams has been a responsive Rev Share. What I mean by responsive when you purchase and ad pack the person clicking on the offer is responsive actively looking at the page and if you have a great capture page you can possibly convert a sale.

The writing is on the wall! JOIN ME TODAY me today as we show you how to use a Rev Share effectively.  I am feel bad that everyone has lost money in the Rev Share, I am but there is an answer. Start branding yourself and not someone else company.

My Paying Ads or no paying ads I think you know the answer.



Speed Feeder Review is it a Scam or Legit

This is a Speed Feeder Review

We will go through what the Speed Feeder program is and determine what the program is not.

The Speed Feeder is a 2×2 matrix program created by Clay Montgomery. When visiting the Speed Feeder website it shows this opportunity as a doorway to high ticket business opportunities. They state the program was built for the individuals that unable to afford a High Ticket item in mind.

As you look closer at this opportunity you find that it is $100 cost to the get involved in this program. Of course you will need to get 2 people to join  and do the same thing.

One thing you have to verify if this is a scam or not is to look for the value of joining a program like this. If you are new to marketing ask yourself what are they giving me to join this opportunity for $100, Well they give access to extensive Internet Marketing Training Library. I went through this material and really found that it was useful information for individuals that maybe new to marketing. Hey I thought it brought value and I have been marketing for several years now.

Speed Feeder is said to be the greatest Money Multiplier ever devised and will help you. Turn a $100 bill into $1950 over and over again with paid re-entry fee. This is a great way to fund high ticket items or way to the build your online business or possibly fund trading opportunity.


The conclusion is Speed Feeder is definitely no scam, this is a legit opportunity and a great way to build quick funds to purchase a big ticket item. It provides a excellent products for beginners and intermediate marketers.

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Stop Marketing to Your Friends and Family!

Stop marketing to your friends and family, there is a better way to get eyes in front of your MLM business or products.  Have you ever asked yourself  why can’t I get people to join my business?Stop Marketing to your Friends and Family! Why can’t they see this is a great opportunity?

The problem is not you! There is probably a sponsor telling you to keep plugging through the NO’s until someone says YES.  You have been told that network marketing is sales business. Well it isn’t it, in reality it is a teaching and mentoring business.  You should really focus less on your product and more on the people. Find out how you can help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Now, ask me how do I stop a marketing my friend and family. You do this by building a list of individuals that are looking to join a business.  This is done by capturing leads and their information so that you can communicate with them on a regular basis.  If you would like to here more click the action below.

The reality is once you have chased your friends and families and maybe built a team of 100 people only 7 people will put in the work and ride with you. Now if you build a network from individuals looking to run a online business  they will continue to build a business. What do I mean, be the individual that truly cares about the people you interact with,  build value and they will be attracted to you. People do not join businesses they join people! Give your team true value ensure your process is a duplicatable and it will make your team growth massive.


Stop chasing friends and family to your business, implement a system that will generate new leads daily. Be the face of your business, brand “YOU” not the MLM opportunity and focus on helping others achieve their dreams. People are not numbers they have goals and aspirations to be successful in a business and as leaders we want them to reach their goals through duplicating a proven successful system.


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