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Life’s Development mission is to “Help Other’s Help Themselves” through a community of sharing valuable life experiences and information that builds financial and spiritual growth. – Rodney Robinson The Lion Of Judah


The purpose of this site is to effectively guide and train you on the path to a wealthy mindset. Understanding we can do all things through the strength HE has given us and in our development there is a hope that it will prepare you for the things that life may bring your way.

We are commissioned to tell our friends and families of the things we have learned and received. We can only have optimism that our associations would want to obtain the same fruit in their lives.

“Helping Other’s Help Themselves”

The desire at Life’s Development is that you prosper and be an example for others to prosper. Life is a gift and there is only one shot at living, make the best of life while advocating for others development this is key to “helping other’s help themselves”.

On this website I will teach how to build an online business that has true multiple streams of income weaved into the fabric of your online presence. You will also learn the power of duplication and I will show you how to mass produce yourself without having to cold call prospects.

Investment Corner

Upon making money now you may want to invest! On Life’s Development there will be blogs that explains some of my personal strategies of online trading. I will discuss creating a brokerage account and the best ways to learn how to trade with no risk.

In this community I only show you what is possible and feature programs that will provide resources that will allow you to develop into financial guru you always wanted to be.

Bookmark this site and visit often as we grow together at Life’s Development.

Cryptocurrency Education


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