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Bitcoin the Digital Revolution

This article is the here to inform you on the latest shift in the financial sector. We are in a historical moment and by reading and taking action it can transform your life for generations to come.  The digital revolution is here and its upside is tremendous.

My name is Rodney Robinson and my passion is to inform or “help others help themselves” 

as to open their eyes to trends that will help them financially. I was personally able to identify a trend in 2008, when the banks and automotive industries failed. I saw an opportunity within Ford Motor Company, when they chose not to take the government bail-out money.

At that moment I knew I needed to invest in their company.  I made a purchase of their stock for a $1.67 and that purchase paid out well as I rode the stock up to $10.00.

Today I see another trend and I want to share with you just as I shared with friends in 2008.

At some point am sure you have heard about Bitcoin or maybe crypto-currency. In many cases the media wanted to portray the currency as a hacker’s currency or the currency of the dark web.

 Notice anytime they want to create fear, a description is painted as dark shadow. It’s funny when a criminal request a ransom of million dollars they do paint money into a dark shadow. Yet, they emphasize that the act of the criminal.

What is Bitcoin?

It is important to understand what Bitcoin truly is, so what is Bitcoin is crypto-currency. Let take a trip into time Bitcoin was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, as a digital payment, based on mathematical proof.

This peer-to-peer payment network was built to be independent of central authority and managed personally by the users. An important fact is Bitcoin will never exceed 21 million coins.  Unlike most currencies were we can continue to the print more to paper.

 Once Bitcoin reaches it maturation it will be unable to manipulate the currency which could dilute its authenticity.

Provided that Bitcoin cannot be manipulated this is causing the pricing increase In a CNBC article it stated that Bitcoin could be heading for $6000 dollars before the end of the year.

Here is the great part this currency is still misunderstood and many still do not know what it is.  Although more and more companies are excepting the currency every day to the likes of Microsoft, Virgin, Tesla, Subway, and JcPenny just to name a few.

We are in a serious stage of change in our financial sector and those that recognize it can obtain generational wealth.

Many may remember when the internet hit a phase much similar to this one. It was believed that the internet was only a fade and it would not last.

However, we can see that some big newspaper companies, department stores and encyclopedia sales men have been replaced by the evolution of the internet. Now it’s the digital revolution and you are right in the middle of awesome time.

  What is next?

The timing is right and an upgrade is coming to speed up the Bitcoin transactions. What will that mean to the Bitcoin frenzy it is like adding fuel to the fire?

For moment imagine purchasing a new Tesla by transferring the Bitcoin amounts equivalent to $125,000. 00 to the Tesla wallet and that transaction taking less than a few minute.

That is massive for the Bitcoin and crypto-currency community.

Think about Bitcoin is already moving into uncharted price territory hitting $5800.00 today. There are predictions of the price reaching from $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 per coin.

Others believe it will eventually reach 1 to 2 million dollars per coin.  Again no one really knows but we can see $10,000.00 is currently in reach.

Do not let this phase past you by!

Now is your time, everything you need to get started in this digital revolution is right here!  Get more information right here!

Rodney Robinson

Internet entrepreneur, Information Technology Consultant, Blogger, Online Marketer, Day Trader, Disabled Veteran, Motivator and Family Man. I know I am here to “Help Other’s Help Themselves” by guiding others in achieving their goals.

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