Stock Market | Review

Stock Market Review

With the New Year come new goals and aspirations. Many are looking to the get involved in the stock market and benefit from some the state marijuana laws that passed in November election. I believe whatever it took to get you to see the possibilities in our financial system was awesome and good for you. Let me say this, “I am not a broker, nor am I a money manager; I am just like many of you whom are trying to find a better way to build what I call right now money and a nice retirement fund.”

I remember my changing moment came during the 2008 automotive industry crisis. I didn’t know allot about the stock exchange but I understood the timing, and knowing the timing is everything. As I think back Ford Motor Company stock price was at a historically low price of $1.67 and in my opinion since e they chose not to take the government bail money it was the stock to load up on. I could not let the opportunity pass me by I feel it could go no-where else but up. My guess was right! I rode that stock up to the $9 mark, this let me know that money could be made in the market and I then began to study trends to catch them as they began to repeat.

Financial Education

As I continue to “Help others help themselves” I want to open their minds so they can change their mindset by gaining knowledge and realize that anything is possible.

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Discover how to get you financial life turned in the right direction. Here is the great thing about this as we spread this news to others we put the law of principles in actions. As we give the key to knowledge it will be returned back to us.

Trading Platform

This information is next most valuable thing I can offer you, my recommended trading platform. There are allot of different platforms out in the market, some maybe cheaper on your in and out fees. What are in an out fees, well when you buy a stock it will cost you a certain amount of money to buy it, I call that IN fee. Therefore, when you sell your stock you will have to pay an OUT fee. These fees range from $7 to $10 per transactions.
With that said, I prefer TD Ameritrade, I have been with them for over 10 years and I feel they have the best resources to work with, especially for someone new into marketing.

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Fund Your Stock Purchases

Here is a great way to fund your day trading purchases with the Greatest Money Multiplier ever devised, the Speed Feeder is a great way to fund your trading account real quickly wait the process works over and over again. Create finances for high ticket offers you want to the get involved in Speed Feeder does it fast.


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