My Paying Ads or No Paying Ads

Here we go again! My Paying Ads is more like no paying ads. It looks like Uday, has chosen to reset the My Paying Ads. What does this mean for those that had several hundreds ad packs? Sounds as though the individuals that built there online business around making money off this rev share are out in the cold.

I wonder if they are truly starting over for every member or will the admins continue to make money as all other members start over and have to buy new ad packs. Well to say the least this Rev Share has bitten the dust. I don’t think members will stick around for another reset. Especially when their are better platforms out there like The Ads Team or even FutureAdPro.

Though this has affect me it has cause damage like it has for others . We mainly use the Rev Share platform to advertise our business and get eyes on our offer.  The Rev Share is not our business. I can tell you for certain that The Ads Teams has been a responsive Rev Share. What I mean by responsive when you purchase and ad pack the person clicking on the offer is responsive actively looking at the page and if you have a great capture page you can possibly convert a sale.

The writing is on the wall! JOIN ME TODAY me today as we show you how to use a Rev Share effectively.  I am feel bad that everyone has lost money in the Rev Share, I am but there is an answer. Start branding yourself and not someone else company.

My Paying Ads or no paying ads I think you know the answer.