Crypto Empowerment Network

Crypto Empowerment Network

As the cryptocurrencies (crypto) continue to evolve every involved individual should know there are resources that will help them in their personal strategies. For those who are new to crypto you may know that Bitcoin is the “gold standard” to the market. There are thousands of Altcoins in the market not to mention Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) that are popping up every-day.

The most popular notation is obtaining Bitcoin because supply will only reach 21 million which will drive demand up. There is a formula that many companies use to attract people that want to generate wealth. As a network of empowered cryptonians we identified the formula rounded the best ways to implement the idea as an individual and now we desire to share it with others.

There are 4 way’s Generate Wealth through Bitcoin:
1. Buy and Hold for the long-term
2. Bitcoin Mining
3. Trading (buy low – sell high)
4. Arbitrage

As I stated companies used portions of these strategies to create a reserve of Bitcoin to give daily returns on your capital or investment. In most cases they would only pay you 5 days a week when the company makes Bitcoin 7 days a week through mining, trading and arbitrage.

We share this information to empower you to take control back. Why, because you are the future of crypto currency. To have this applied knowledge and understanding join our facebook group  here → Crypto Empowerment Network.